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Hello cyberspace

Have been busy of late:

being ill - bloodclot on the lung - nasty
moving house - good
learning to drive - interesting
waiting for my wife to give birth - amazing

and writing on my blog

come see some new reviews of Barn Burning, Strays Don't Sleep, Sparkehorse and Richmond Fontaine and more:

New Reviews on Highway Five
Take Care my friends....
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I had to spend a weekend away from my wife to be as her and her friends where having a hen party. I can never really sleep well when I am not next to my partner. I took my ipod along with me to aid my sleeping.

Below is a list of the music I listened to:

William Basinski and Richard Chartier’s Untitled
Sol Seppy - Move
Yellow Swans – Drift

I did have some strange dreams!!

I have a review on my blog of the William Basinski piece come here to read it: